Future Minister of Infrastructure says he is considering granting 5,000 kms of highways at the beginning of the new government

In a visit to Goiás on Thursday (13), future Minister Infrastructure Tarcisio Freitas said that the government of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) will intensify the road concessions program. According to him, only in the beginning of the government, the transfer of 5 thousand kilometers of roads to the private initiative is under study.

According to Freitas, there are priorities, for example, in BR-364, in Rondônia, and the declarations of Nova Dutra, Rio-Teresópolis, Rio-Juiz de Fora and BR-153, between Goiás and Tocantins.

When asked about the proposal to guarantee the maintenance of highways, in view of the ever smaller budget of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT), he pointed out as an alternative the concession of a good part of the road network for private companies.

“We have a very important fiscal depression, a very severe fiscal crisis and it is inescapable to pass many assets to the private sector.This has to be done.Then we will intensify the road concessions program.We will pass many kilometers of highways to private initiative “Just to start the government, we will start the study of almost 5 thousand kilometers of new concessions, so that by passing this to the private initiative, we can ease the budget,” he said.

The future minister also reaffirmed that he intends to grant the entire network of the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero) in the next three and a half years.

On the increase in flights at the Congonhas Airport, proposed by the current government, Freitas said that “it will be studied” whether the new management will maintain the issue or not.

“Actually, the idea is not to discontinue anything that is important, so obviously the issues will be studied and the best solution will be sought,” he says.

Regarding the request for judicial recovery of Viracopos Airport, the future minister also stressed that the situation needs to be studied, but that, depending on the negotiation, can also grant it to private companies.

“We have to see if it is still possible to make this return legally friendly, but anyway, what we are going to do immediately is to start studies for a new concession.” At the beginning, the first week, the second week of January, we will be with edital ready to call the private initiative to do studies of the new concession, “he details.

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