Government of Goiás negotiates agreement with Ministry of Infrastructure for emergency action on highways

Seeking alternatives to recover part of the road network of the state of Goiás, the governor Ronaldo Caiado (DEM) was on Wednesday, 9, with the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, to deal with the restoration of strategic routes for the disposal of agricultural production of the State.

According to the Democrat, the corruption and mismanagement of the previous administration compromised the entire structure of Goiás. “The minister proposed to immediately mark a trip to the state to make a road map and observe the situation of the highways and traffic. I gave priority to this very serious fact and that can bring very high damages to the country and make rural producers unfeasible, “he said.

According to Caiado, the South, Southeast and Southwest regions are most affected by the lack of highway maintenance. The governor said that emergency work will be initiated so that citizens can transit and transport all agricultural production. “These regions are fundamental for the state’s economy, since they concentrate the largest passage of cargo between January and April. There’s no point in wanting to do a big project at this time, now priority is an emergency treatment. ”

And the actions to recover the state highways will begin immediately. On Thursday, Governor Ronaldo Caiado signed a cooperation agreement between the Government of Goiás, prefectures of Jataí and Rio Verde and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to enable the recovery of highways in the Southwest region of the state. “It will be the first step to ensure the flow of production and protect the lives of citizens who travel there,” said Caiado.

Emergency Report

During the visit, Governor Ronaldo Caiado handed over to the Minister a survey conducted by Faeg that details the situation of the road network in Goiás and the roads that demand more urgent repairs:


GO – 306 (Extraction miners to the plateau of the sky – entrocamento with GO 050)
Situation: 70 km stretch. It was done 25 km of base for the asphalting. Being that the remaining 45 km is not paved. The whole stretch was extremely poor with many holes in the lane; signaling loss, urgent need for maintenance. Outflow of agricultural production. From 30% to 40% of miners’ aviaries depend on this highway. In addition to the region with soybeans, cane, beef cattle and milk, and also an area of ​​500 ha of eucalyptus and 200 ha of rubber trees planted near the highway.

GO-178 (Jataí – stretch connecting BR-364 to GO-206.
Situation: Unpaved road. 60 km stretch. Being 30 km in critical condition. In need of maintenance. Region of agriculture, important for the production flow.

GO-180 (Jataí – stretch connecting the BR-364 at km 19 to the region of São José, at Professor Chiquinho School)
Situation: unpaved road. 90 km of bad road, in urgent need of maintenance. Needs urgent lifting and graveling. Important highway of production flow to the region. An important region for agriculture irrigated by having plenty of water.

GO- 050 – (Extending Chapadão do Céu to GO-306 Direction of Miners)
Situation: extremely bad; impassable sections, without signaling, stretches where there is no more asphalt. important region of production of the region. Numerous jobs already sent to Agetop

GO – 333 (stretch of the junction of GO 174 in Rio Verde to Jandaia)
Situation: paved highway, critical condition; many holes in the lane and stretches even without paving; precarious signaling

GO-164 (Excerpt between Acreuna and Parauna)
Situation: paved highway; very condition in certain stretches; highway deteriorating very fast due to the rains, many holes in the track and stretches even without paving; precarious signaling

GO-206 (section Chapadão do Céu – Itumirim / Serranópolis)
Situation: unpaved highway, bad stretches with many holes in the track; bad signage; urgent need for maintenance

GO-164 (Santa Helena de Goiás stretch – BR-060)
Situation: paved highway, stretches with holes and lack of signage; highway deteriorating very fast in the rainy season.

GO-220 (Perolândia Extent – Portelância)
Situation: unpaved and problematic highway in rainy season; requires urgent preventive maintenance

GO-341 (Excerpt Mineiros a BR-158)
Situation: unpaved road with many holes; needs maintenance

GO-341 (Excerpt Mineiros and the Clover of BR158 that connects until Caiapônia)
Situation: unpaved road; need for maintenance; impassable passages.

GO-206 (Ext. Itarumã to GO184 – Serranópolis and de Itarumça to GO 174)
Situation: unpaved road; Lots of holes. Inexhaustible parts, need for maintenance

GO 174 (Excerpt GO 206 passing through Cachoeira Alta until GO 302 in Lagoa Santa)
Situation: Unpaved highway, lots of holes. Need for maintenance

GO-333 (connecting GO 174, near Rio Verde atoe and GO 164 connecting Paraúna to Acreúna)
Situation: unpaved highway; many holes. Need for maintenance

GO 461 (Exit connecting GO174 at km 27 to GO 206 that connects to Quirinópolis)
Situation: unpaved highway, impassable stretches. Urgent need for maintenance. Harvest runoff region.

GO 461 (Excerpt GO194 – Santa Rita do Araguaia)
Location: unpaved road, very poor condition. Need for maintenance and concert of mandeira bridges that do not support the passage of trucks

GO 220 (Excerpt Perolândia – Resort)
Situation: paved road; in critical condition. Need for immediate maintenance

GO 184 (Itumirim stretch – Cassilândia-MS)
Situation: paved road; in critical condition. Need for immediate maintenance

GO 467 (Excerpt GO184 – GO 178)
Situation: unpaved road. Need for immediate maintenance

Federal Highways

BR-364 (Excerpt Mineiros and Jataí)
Situation: paved road, very bumpy. Need restoration and operation slots hole in various stretches;

BR-158 (Excerpts Caiapônia / piranhas and Caiapônia / Jataí)
Situation: paved road; critical condition. Urgent need for maintenance.

BR-452 (Excerpt Rio Verde – Bom Jesus de Goiás)
Situation: paved road; some stretches in critical condition (St. Helena clover to Bom Jesus), urgent maintenance.

BR-153 (Anápolis – Divisa Tocantins)
Situation: paved road. Holes in the track; critical state in some

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