Without maintenance, SP bridges and viaducts accumulate fissures and infiltrations

It is not only the stretch that yielded in the Marginal of the Pinheiros, western zone of São Paulo, that demands repairs. Other viaducts of the capital need immediate maintenance. The City Hall is aware of structural problems in at least 73 such structures. They are locations in the expanded center that have infiltrations, exposed metal frames and cracks. On Thursday, May 22, the Municipality contracted, in an emergency, a company to repair the Marginal viaduct. And, by the second day, the slow traffic in the city was above average.

The report on bridges and viaducts is from the National Union of Architectural and Consulting Engineering (Sinaenco), after surveys in 2017. It is the same entity that, for 11 years, did the study that served as a basis for the State Public Ministry to sign a Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) with the City Hall to structure a permanent preventive maintenance – which was not fulfilled and ended in Justice, with a fine. Director of Sinaenco, Gilberto Giuzio points out that the survey was only visual. “This report (carried out by ten companies associated with Sinaenco) is like a first visit to the doctor. He examines, but asks for complementary tests,” he says.

Ponte Jânio Quadros, in Vila Maria, which crosses the Marginal do Tietê, is an example. There, two years ago, there are “cracks, exposed, rusted and broken armor.” In the Viaduto General Olímpio da Silveira, on the Pacaembu Avenue, the report cites exposed structures and, in some points, cut. For the professor of Civil Engineering of the University Mackenzie Eduardo Deghiara, it is necessary to have periodic maintenance. “A viaduct, where cars pass above and below, should be inspected annually,” he says. “It takes political will, in some cases, and tell the population that a certain place will be closed for works, for definitive services.”

Asked about the survey, the City Hall said that, based on the document, 33 viaducts and bridges were chosen that require special attention. It was opened this month the hiring of inspection in these places. According to the administration, Mayor Bruno Covas (PSDB) was determined to draw up a structural report of 185 city bridges and viaducts, “because he believes that visual surveys are insufficient” before taking measures. The idea is to extend the contract to inspect all 185 structures.

This Thursday, the City Hall has published, in the Official Gazette of the City, authorization for emergency works (without bidding) to repair the Marginal viaduct. The company will be JK Engenharia, former director of City Hall Edward Boretto. The value of the contract, signed given “the extreme gravity of the situation”, was not disclosed and will be valid for 180 days. The services, focused on installing stakes of support, were given yesterday in a difficult day of transit. In the morning, the city had rates of above average slowness, reaching 152 km of queues at 9 o’clock, when the maximum average is 125 km. In the afternoon, at 6:00 p.m., it reached 111 km, even the maximum average hour index.

A “detachment of the elastic band at the expansion joint” of the Maria Campos viaduct in Osasco, São Paulo, caused a gap of about 15 centimeters and brought concern to the residents. It is possible, from the viaduct, to see the track that goes under the structure. The city of Osasco, through a note, said it has opened a process to hire a company to make repairs. “It is important to note that the lack of rubber material in the expansion joint does not compromise the structure of the viaduct,” which will not be closed for traffic. The information is from the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo.

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