BR-163, will be priority of the new general director of DNIT

The Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, inaugurated on Tuesday (15), the new directorate of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure – DNIT. The event took place at the headquarters auditorium in Brasilia.

The new general director will be Brigadier General, Antônio Leite dos Santos Filho; who will have as executive director, André Kuhn, and as Director of Road Infrastructure, Euclides Bandeira de Souza Neto.

Already inducted, the director general commented that his appointment was one of the biggest emotions of his life. “When I was invited by Minister Tarcisio Freitas I had a mixed feeling of pride and challenge,” he said. Antônio Leite Filho said that his priority mission will be the visit to BR-163, in Pará, to know the state of conservation of the highway.

“We will focus particularly on the unpaved stretches of the highway, so that the harvest of the period will flow to the ports of Miritituba and Santarém, including, one of the first actions of this new management will be to cross this important logistics corridor, making sure it works and seeking improvements so that exports and the flow of products meet the minimum of obstacles, “said Antônio Leite.

The director guaranteed the permanence of technicians in the staff of DNIT. “One of the guidelines that we will guide for the period in which we will be in charge of the institution will be the valuation of the professionals of the house. We will privilege DNIT’s servers, because this institution is formed by an enviable cadre of technicians and they deserve to be recognized and valued, “he said.

Scarce resources
Willing does not mean accomplishment. The current scenario of the municipality, with respect to resources, is not the most favorable. Antônio Leite Filho, in his speech, said that the volume of resources allocated for 2019 and 2020 will not allow DNIT to achieve major goals in expanding the network due to insufficient funds.

“Our focus will be on maintaining the conditions of use of the existing mesh, giving an adequate solution to the paralyzed works and seeking better alternatives in the planning of the works. DNIT’s budget forecast for this year is far short of needs, “said the Director-General.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio de Freitas, spoke about the valorization of the servers and the attendance to the demands of society. “I am very fond of this house, where I learned a lot and matured, and I will always be grateful to this one, which is the largest engineering house in Brazil.”


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