Bill requires Union to duplicate all federal highways in ten years

As in other areas, asphalt pavements are also tripartite in Brazil, that is, there is federal, state and municipal jurisdiction. A proposal, pending before the Chamber of Deputies, stipulates that the Union will build only duplicate federal highways. In addition to this requirement, Bill 10,683 / 2018 also proposes a maximum and non-extendable term of ten years for all federal highways to be doubled, as of the law’s sanction.

“Duplicated highways are those formed by two lanes with two or more lanes for each direction, separated by a central bed, a rigid separator, or even with separate lines often traversing obstacles.” The terminology is applied by the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit). In this sense, the text presented by former deputy Nivaldo Albuquerque (PTB-AL) changes the National Highway System (SNV) – instituted by Law 12,379 / 2011.

The proposal also modifies Law 9.432/1997 of Cabotage, which deals with waterway transportation. And it repeals another 33 laws and removes devices from seven other standards. The proposal is conclusive and will still be analyzed by the Commissions of Transport and Transport; Finance and Taxation; and of Constitution and Justice and Citizenship. The justification of the PL talks about making the legislation more effective and compatible with the fundamental rights and guarantees provided in the Federal Constitution.

The objective in the measure, according to the justification of the proposal, is also to guarantee “greater security to the population, be it to the professional of the steering wheel, or to any and all citizens; especially in the face of alarming rates of road robbery and death; for better mobility; avoid congestion of any order; and salutary, as well, as a tourist route “.

Given the information, the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM) explains that federal highways are those that normally interconnect two or more states. State roads are those with a beginning and an end within the geographical limits of the state. Finally, the municipal road systems include the highways and expressways, bridges and tunnels that interconnect localities within the same Municipality.


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