Brazil will finish BR-163 paving in 2019, key to agribusiness

Brazil will finish paving the highway BR-163, key to the agribusiness, and another small stretch of the road that connects it to the fluvial port of Miritituba (PA) by the end of this year, said Infrastructure Minister Tarcisio Freitas.

Freitas told reporters that the road will likely be privatized by 2020.

The poor state of the BR-163 and the lack of paving in one stretch have already proven to be a major bottleneck for transporting agricultural production in Mato Grosso, the country’s largest soy producer, to northern ports.

“We already have contracts for the stretches that are unpaved … the ministry’s goal is to finish the paving by the end of this year,” he said.

“The 51 kilometers to Miritituba will be completed later this year.”

Even before becoming a minister, he had told Reuters that the Bolsonaro administration’s goal was to complete road paving in 2021.


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