Eight SP bridges and viaducts need emergency inspection on risk of collapse

The City of São Paulo announced on Tuesday (5) a list of eight bridges and viaducts that need complete emergency expertise to identify the risk of collapse. Half is located in the West Zone of the city. The list was completed after a survey of 22 structures in the city.

A preliminary analysis of the structures began to be made after the Marginal Pinheiros viaduct near Villa-Lobos Park, in November last year. A working group from the Prefecture stated that for structures with an assessment grade of less than or equal to 2, there would be “emergency hiring of special inspections”.

These inspections will assess the “degree of risk” in each structure and what interventions are required.

See below the list of bridges and viaducts that should undergo special inspection:

University City Bridge
Bridge Eusébio Matoso
Bridge City Garden
Miguel Mofarrej Viaduct
Viaduct Gazeta do Ipiranga
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Viaduct General Olímpio da Silveira
Viaduct Carlos Ferraci
Municipal management claims that it has reached such a number since it began to survey the structures of the city after the Marginal Pinheiros viaduct, in front of Villa-Lobos Park, to give way in November of last year.

At the end of last month, the Municipal Court of Accounts (TCM) met a request from the City Hall and relaxed the rules for the hiring of companies to survey all 185 bridges and viaducts in the city.

According to the report, the worst situation is the Viaduto Fazenda do Ipiranga, which connects the Provisional Junction Street with State Avenue. The SP1 has found an opening that fits the foot of an adult between two plates of the viaduct.

SP1 also visited the Viaduct Grande São Paulo on Tuesday and found that there is a large crack in the side, which gives you to see the hardware and a great infiltration of water. On the sidewalk, a very deep crater with lots of junk. The viaduct was hit by a fire in the 2000s and below, where the fire was concentrated, the concrete is still falling apart.
At City University Bridge, City Hall engineers have encountered problems in iron armor and concrete lining, caused by overhead trucks that end up hitting the lower part of the structure.
On January 23, the municipal management interdicted the bridge that gives access to the Presidente Dutra Highway along the expressway of Marginal Tietê.

The access loop is on the track heading Ayrton Senna Highway. The interdiction was made by the Traffic Engineering Company (TSC) at the request of the Municipal Secretariat of Infrastructure and Construction (Siurb) after inspection to break a support beam of the structure into a pillar.

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