Secretary of Infrastructure and Logistics of Mato Grosso says he will seek partnerships with private initiative and prefectures to play works

Signing partnerships is the way out so that the State can touch the works in the area of ​​infrastructure, mainly, those of pavement and revitalization of highways. The statement is from the Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Logistics, Marcelo de Oliveira, commenting on the planning that is being drawn by the team of the current State Government management.

According to him, the so-called Public Private Partnerships (“PPP caipiras”) will have a significant stimulus in the next four years, through concessions of road sections. “The state alone is not able to do everything that is needed in terms of highways, but with great looks we will be able to get out of this quagmire that is Mato Grosso,” emphasized the owner of Sinfra.

The secretary explained that the work of the Infrastructure Secretariat will be in the sense of joining partners such as associations of agribusiness producers, regional consortiums and also prefectures. “We have to deliver the (state) highways to those who actually use them, and who will be happy to keep it, even because they need them for locomotion and production,” he said.

According to Marcelo de Oliveira, the state’s demand today is large in the area of ​​Infrastructure, with emphasis on the restoration of unpaved and paved roads, including roads not covered by programs run by Sinfra.

“Preservation on the highways is important because many of them are between seven and nine years old without having any type of restoration. We have to make new pavements in the state. We will also serve the municipalities that need help with paving, recovery of bridges, “he said, illustrating that Mato Grosso has about 2,500 wooden bridges and about 350 of them need to be recovered.

Just before this scenario, the concessions will be the bet of the State. To become reality, Sinfra will use the 5% of funds from the State Fund for Transport and Housing (Fethab) destined for Infrastructure investments captured through MT PAR.

“These 5% will generate values ​​for the MT PAR to finance stretches and even whole and after completed roads are destined to the concession, via PPP. And the producers, or those who win the concession, will reimburse MT PAR to continue investing in this sector, “said the secretary.

Based on the new Fethab law, approved in January 2019, in the Legislative Assembly, 30% of the Fund’s contributions will be allocated by the Government to works and infrastructure projects. The investment is of the order of R $ 450 million.

As for concessioned highways, Mato Grosso now has seven stretches delivered to the private initiative, in addition to the eighth in process of transfer to the concessionaire. In total, 673.73 km of roads are operated by companies, consortia and associations.

Strategic planning

According to Oliveira, the intention of the current Government is to work to reduce the numerous bottlenecks, but always based on planning. In his view, reality today no longer allows us to think only of paving one road or duplicating another, it is necessary to think in the long term for development to occur in a sustainable way.

“So we can not think about Sinfra in four or eight years, we have to have a project for at least 16 to 20 years,” he said. He added that the State Government will work precisely to strengthen logistics in Mato Grosso, preparing the road network for integration with other modes, such as the railroad.


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