With investments exceeding R$ 13 billion, studies for BR-381 and BR-163 concessions go to the court hearing

The EPL (Planning and Logistics Company) is finalizing the feasibility studies for the concession of three highways, BR-381-262 / MG-ES, BR-153 / TO-GO and BR-163 / MT-PA . It is expected that these analyzes will be completed by the company in the next 60 days and will be in the power of ANTT to begin the public hearings phase.

The largest project is the concession of more than 600 kilometers between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, which is in the final stages of development. The estimated investments for the total doubling of the stretch are in the order of R $ 10 billion and the studies indicate that the stretch is economically feasible for concession.

The government attempted in 2012 to grant similar stretch, BR-262, but the bidding had no interest.

The other two concessions have specific characteristics. The BR-153 is a bid from the same group of highways bidding between 2012 and 2013, whose concession failed and was taken over by the government. The 163 will be a concession for a short time, 10 years, until the operation of Ferrogrão, which is parallel and, when completed, should capture the load of this stretch of highway.

Following the bidding of RIS (Southern Integration Highway), held at the end of last year, the government is trying to do this year at least two more auctions, the BR-364-365 / GO-MG and the BR-101 / SC.

TCU decides BR-364-365
The section of highways in the Center-West already had the analysis by the technical area of ​​the TCU held, with suggestions for changes in modeling, as announced by the iNFRA Agency in its edition 469, of January 28.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office also analyzed the matter and submitted its report to the rapporteur Bruno Dantas, who ruled the case at the next session of the body. If the model already presented in the RIS is approved and does not suffer significant changes, the bidding must be launched by the end of April

In the case of the BR-101, EPL works on final modeling adjustments after the public hearing last year to send the studies to ANTT, responsible for forwarding to the TCU. The government expects to tender this highway in 2019.

Two other large groups of highways are under review for the concession, but for a longer term. A group of 5,600 kilometers of less viable roads, on which BNDES and EPL agreed to present studies, is currently in the process of hiring consultants to prepare the studies.

In the case of federal and state highway concessions in Paraná, which were tendered in the 1990s and whose contracts expire in 2021, the federal and state governments have reached an agreement so that they can be bidded by the federal government, and the EPL and the government analyze the hiring of studies.


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