Minister inaugurates doubling of BR-050 / GO and announces redeployment of state highway resources

In Catalão / GO, minister affirms that work is fundamental for the development of the region and announces the release of R $ 235 million for the maintenance of highways

Another section of the BR-050, between Cristalina and Catalão, in Goiás, is duplicated and released for traffic. The inauguration of the 53.9 kilometers of double track was attended by the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, who highlighted the importance of the private investment partnership in this delivery. This is an example of how to optimize public investments and expand private investments in infrastructure. Our government aims to unlock works and renegotiate the concession contracts that are unbalanced, enabling the resumption of investments, “said Freitas.

Considered one of the busiest highways in the country, the BR-050 connects the federal capital to the largest Brazilian metropolis: São Paulo. Altogether, there are 436.6 km granted, being already duplicated 162.2 km in Goiás and 218.1 km in Minas. The completion of the 53.9-kilometer works will benefit nine municipalities: Cristalina, Ipameri, Campo Alegre de Goiás, Catalão and Cumari in Goiás, and Araguari, Uberlândia, Uberaba and Delta in Minas Gerais.

The stretch, granted in 2013, is part of the 3rd Stage of Concessions of Federal Highways and is administered by the concessionaire MGO Rodovias. Currently, the concession foresees an investment in the order of R $ 3 billion, to be realized in 30 years. Since the MGO took over the granted segment, R $ 1.5 billion has already been allocated, under a contract, for the construction of new clovers, viaducts, level and uneven returns and duplicate bridges.

RELEASE OF RESOURCES – At the time, the Infrastructure Minister celebrated the release of funds, via the federal bench of the state of Goiás, to maintain road sections of BR-158 and BR-452. Freitas reaffirmed the partnership between the Executive Power and the Legislative Branch, for the conclusion of works important for the infrastructure. “This relocation of the parliamentary amendments of infrastructure for the optimization of the resources of the Union in the state is fundamental for the completion of works on highways,” he said.

In all, R $ 235 million will be re-allocated, to be applied by the National Department of Transportation Infrastructure (DNIT), maintenance contracts of 30 kilometers of BR-158 and 180 kilometers of BR-452. “We are here to make life easier for the people, to make truckers’ lives easier, the lives of those who make a difference and those who generate jobs. Doing infrastructure is a very noble mission because, ultimately, those who do infrastructure are saving lives, generating employment, generating income and making a difference, “he said.

The ceremony was attended by Federal Deputy, Flavia Morais (PDT, leader of the Goiás bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Federal Deputy José Nelto Lagares (PODE), federal deputy Dr. Zacharias Calil (DEM) , Deputy Major Vitor Hugo (PSL), Mayor of Catalan, Adib Elias (PMDB), Federal Deputy João Campos (PRB), Senator Vanderlan Cardoso (PP), Deputy Governor of Goiás, Lincoln Tejota (PROS), Baldy (PP), mayor of Cristalina, Daniel Sabino Vaz (PSB), mayor of Campo Alegre, Zé Antônio (PP) and the DNIT executive director, André Kuhn.

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