Increasing the country’s competitiveness in the international scenario is the goal of the Ministry for the next 4 years

To be leader in terms of infrastructure in Latin America. This is one of the objectives of the Infrastructure Minister, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, for the next years at the helm of Pasta. The statement was made in the event of launching the Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Infrastructure, this Monday (8), in Brasília (DF). The plan is represented in the new Strategic Map, an instrument with ministry directives for management from 2019 to 2022.

“Today Brazil occupies the 9th position in terms of infrastructure quality in the continent and we have to transform this scenario. So that is the challenge that has to move us and that is why we are going to face this strategic planning with all the strength and energy to make it leave the paper, “said the minister. “Our goal is to overcome the challenges we will face in fulfilling the institution’s mission and attaining its vision for the future. We have a series of initiatives that will transform logistics in Brazil, “he added.

Within the guidelines of the new strategic planning of the Infrastructure, the executive secretary, Marcelo Sampaio, highlighted the next goals and the bureaucratization of the sector. “Reducing the weight of the state on the citizen and the productive sector is an objective of the Federal Government. From this perspective, we want to create new mechanisms from the perspective of gaining value for society, “he said.

Another goal is the governance and management of the agency. The secretary explained that within the strategic management, a direct and efficient communication channel will be implemented that will dialogue with its related entities, strengthening management and control instruments, seeking the alignment of actions and efficient use of public resources. “We will work with Corruption Prevention Programs and the strengthening of technical staff training, as well as improvements in the quality of life at work. The advancement in corporate information technology and process automation will also be contemplated, “he concluded.

The document, based on the National Transport Policy (PNT), is the result of the work of several departments of the Ministry of Infrastructure and will serve as a reference for managers in the effective conduct of the institution’s policies.

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Ministry of Infrastructure


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