Government to invest R $ 150 million to recover CE roads

Works will contemplate 1,754 km of highways, with the beginning of the interventions scheduled for after the end of the rainy season. Governor Camilo Santana announced the measure in weekly chat on social networks.

The Government of Ceará will allocate R $ 150 million to recover damaged state highways during the rainy season of 2019. The Emergency Recovery Program will carry out works on 64 stretches of road, corresponding to 1,754 km in length. The announcement of the action was made by Governor Camilo Santana on Tuesday (16), during a chat with the population through their profiles on social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

The Chief Executive said that the planning was done with the State Department of Highways (DER) to evaluate the current conditions of the roads that suffered from heavy rains in the territory of Ceará, as well as the best way of accomplishing the necessary repairs for each one of the routes. The governor said that interventions will begin after the rainy season.

“A lot of rain brings abundance, production in the field and smile for our families from Ceará. But it also ends up causing some damage, and one of them is damage to the roads. Breaks, holes, wear. That is why I asked the DER to report on the roads that would require immediate intervention by the State. I received the report yesterday (Monday), and I want to announce that I am earmarking 150 million reais so that, once the rains are over, we will have a general marathon to recover the roads that have been damaged in Ceará, “he explained.

The CE-040 and CE-453 (Aquiraz), which comprises 9.21 km, CE-060 between Aracoiaba and Baturité, which comprises 8.2 km, and Camocim-Chaval are included in the schedule of roads to be recovered. , which has the extension of 47km. “All the highways are specified and each one will have its investment value”, guarantees the governor.

The document presented by Camilo points out that some of the 64 stretches already have ongoing contracts for the functional recovery of roads within Ceará from end to end, the Logistics and Roads Program of the Government of Ceará, while others will still need to open the bidding process.

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