Ministry will recompose R $ 2 billion to complete works and maintenance of highways

Value was rebuilt from the R $ 4.3 billion contingent on the infrastructure budget in March.

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced on Tuesday (16) that R $ 2 billion of the R $ 4.3 billion contingent in March will be recomposed to Pasta to complete works and carry out maintenance on priority road stretches. The announcement was made during a ceremony at the Palácio do Planalto to detail the government’s new measures for the trucking industry.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas, budget recomposition will allow fundamental works not to be paralyzed due to lack of resources, as well as guaranteeing the maintenance of the main logistics corridors. “It is R $ 2 billion destined now for the completion of important works that are in progress and maintenance of highways and important axes,” he analyzed.

With this, the Ministry will have assured resources for completing the paving of the BR-163 / PA to Miritituba, for example, one of the priorities of the government. “We will give quality of life to the trucker, avoiding queues, bogs and the huge time away from home,” he said. The minister also mentioned other relevant sections that require works. “We have a number of important axes that have been raised where there is great movement of freight carriers. We will guarantee resources for the works to happen, “he said.

The works that will have resources secured with the recomposition are:

Conclusion of BR-381 / MG;
Completion of duplication of BR-116 / RS;
Delivery of the Second Bridge of Guaíba / RS;
Completion of the pavement of BR-163 / PA;
Completion of duplication of BR-101 / BA;
Construction of 8 concrete bridges in BR-242 / MT;
Completion of section of BR-135 / MA.
CAMINHONEIROS – The Government even announced on Tuesday a package of measures to improve the life of the truck driver. Among them, is the creation of a credit line, via BNDES, which guarantees R $ 500 million for truck drivers, in this first release, and the limit of financing per driver is R $ 30 thousand. This line is restricted to those who have two trucks per CPF.

Minister Tarcisio stressed the interest in the truck drivers’ issues in the management of President Jair Bolsonaro. “We are developing programs aimed at the category, to improve the living and income conditions of the trucker and his family,” said the minister, who also highlighted the importance of the Forum of Truck Drivers, carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure. decision-making and dialogue, where the truck driver finds the arms open and the receptivity of the government. Now the Forum has a method, has a technical solution and dialogue with all involved in the transport process, “he added.

In the Forum, which was resumed on March 22, the Federal Government has sought to solve the main demands of the category, such as minimum floor, rest and rest points, transportation of dangerous products, regulatory framework, multimodal agenda, renovation of fleet, retirement, cooperativism, road conditions and safety. “We are talking with the category and the family of the category. One thing that strikes us is the lack of quality of the stopping points. We will bring these resting places and one way to encourage this is to make it compulsory already on the roads granted. “, Assured the minister.

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