CCR Group is interested in the bidding of RSC-287

President Roberto Calixto commented on possibility at lunch meeting this Monday

CCR ViaSul CEO Roberto Calixto told a lunch meeting Monday in Santa Cruz do Sul that the CCR group is interested in the concession of RSC-287. A company team is studying the edict released by the State Government with the intention to participate. “There are people working on this project, everything will depend on the analysis and parameters that need to be met when participating in a project,” he commented.

He points out that he attends the meeting on Monday to present the project being followed by the company. “I believe very much in this program, the private initiative has proven very efficient in the management of highways. A well-designed and driven model, has everything to go right and meet the wishes of the users of the highway, “Calixto explained.

In November of last year, CCR won the auction and took over the management of parts of BRs 101, 386, 448 and 290 (only in the Freeway section – from Porto Alegre to Osório), in the complex called the South Integration Highway (RIS) . From next year, the CCR will begin the exploration of the toll plazas on the highway. One of them will be at kilometer 424, near the access to the Petrochemical Complex in Montenegro, on the way between Santa Cruz do Sul and the Capital.

Roberto Calixto participates in Santa Cruz of the Tá na Hora lunch meeting promoted by the Commercial and Industrial Association (ACI) of Santa Cruz do Sul. The meeting takes place in the restaurant of Hotel Águas Claras Higienópolis, focusing on the future of the RSC-287 concession. To address the issue, the secretary of Urban Mobility of Porto Alegre, Luiz Afonso dos Santos Senna, was also invited.


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