Date and lot of highways that are deferred are still current but more is needed this May.

The concession of highways retreated to the administration of the Minas Gerais government. Governor Romeu Zema made this week in Belo Horizonte, which studies the possibility of launching a package of road concessions by the end of this month. “For now, the details do not have to be ignored.”

The governor argued that federal and state governments are unable to invest in infrastructure. Citing a delay in the liberation for duplication of BR-281 between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares, the governor states that a solution is a private facility to improve the state highway.

According to Zema, there are now studies for some of the Minas highway highways that are delivered to mid-sized public enterprises (PPPs). However, it was not indicated in the interview the excerpts to be privatized. Zema defends that it is better the evaluation of peddler and streets with vlax the traffic for a risk risk the current clues.

Mining Triangle
In 2015, at the beginning of Fernando Pimentel (PT), the state government also launched a highway concession plan for the private sector. Nearly 30,000 kilometers of land leased to management companies, excluding almost 3,000 kilometers of the Triângulo Mineiro region, such as Filomena Cartafina avenue, a MG-190 – access highway to New Bridge, Sacramento and Conquista – and the MG-427 – that interconnects Uberaba to the cities of Água Comprida, Conceição das Alagoas and Pirajuba.

From there, from a process of expression of interest to maintain the ability to drive and obtain the state exchange rate, however, amid the worsening economic crisis, mining.


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