Governor announces R$ 2 billion for revitalization of highways

Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior announced on Tuesday (7), at the Iguaçu Palace, the Road Revitalization program, which provides works on 9,800 kilometers of state highways in all regions of Paraná. The Government of Paraná will invest R $ 2 billion in the program, the largest package of works made with state resources.

The restoration and conservation works will be carried out over three years, beginning immediately, and comprise a large part of the state road network, which is 12 thousand kilometers. “It is a robust investment that meets the needs of the state grid. First of all for the sake of security, unfortunately many people lost their lives on those poorly maintained highways, “the governor said. “There is also the logistics issue. We need an adequate infrastructure to make the production of Paraná be exported to the whole world, “said the solemnity, with the presence of mayors from all regions of Paraná.

Ratinho Junior pointed out that the adjustment measures adopted by the government help to create a cash register for investments in sectors important to the population. “We inherited these roads without any kind of maintenance, so we had to make a box, cut costs and cut privileges so that the money for infrastructure works,” he said.

The president of the Association of Municipalities of Paraná (AMP) and mayor of Pérola (Northwest), Darlan Scalco, said that all the cities of Paraná will benefit from the improvements. “Many lives will be saved. In addition, the development of Paraná goes through these roads, “he said.

IMEDIATAS – The Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Logistics, Sandro Alex, explained that the projects have come from years, but were judicialized and needed to be revised to readjust with current values. “We evaluate all the sections. We have poor roads in various regions of the state that need immediate intervention, “he said.

The Infrastructure Department has been working since the beginning of the year with the inspection and control bodies, such as the State Audit Office, State Public Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office and Court of Justice, for the release of the works. “We needed to rebalance the contracts, which were out of date, to ask the supervisory authorities for authorization to make the contribution,” explained Alex. “We will carry out a major inspection of the works, together with these bodies, to verify every cent applied to the highways.”

WORKS – The works were divided into 33 lots, according to the regional superintendencies of the Department of Roads (DER), and comprise all the regions of the State. In the Eastern region, 488 kilometers of highways will be revitalized; in the Campos Gerais will be 1,9 thousand kilometers; in the North, 1,9 thousand kilometers; in the Northwest, 3.2 thousand and in the West 2,3 thousand.

“The program covers practically the entire road network of the State, except for the sections consorted and belonging to the federal government,” explained the director general of the DER, João Alfredo Zampieri.

In part of the lots will be made corrective services, with execution of superficial repairs and localized deep patches, besides the improvement of the drainage of the pavement. On the highways that function as the runway, deeper works are planned. They are services of user safety and protection of the pavement, with corrections located along the road stretches, and application of polymerized asphaltic products, that guarantee more durability to the pavement.

In addition, the entire stretch of the domain strip of the state road network will undergo frequent conservation, both the paved and unpaved sections. This includes cleaning gutters, cable gutters and culverts; cleaning and recomposition of vertical signaling and vegetation control with manual brushing, weeding and waste removal.

ATTENDANCE – The Deputy Governor Darci Piana took part in the ceremony. the head of the Civil House, Guto Silva; the Secretaries of State for Agriculture and Supply, Norberto Ortigara; Sustainable Development and Tourism, Márcio Nunes; and Health, Beto Preto; the presidents of Cohapar, Jorge Lange; and Tecpar, Fábio Cammarota; the state deputies Hussein Bakri, Tiago Amaral, Marcel Micheletto, Emerson Bacil, Delegate Fernando, Luiz Fernando Guerra, Anibelli Neto, Paulo Litro, Doctor Batista, Artagão Junior, Coronel Lee, Luiz Claudio Romanelli, Goura, Wilmar Reichembach, Estacho, Jonas Guimarães , Alexandre Curi, Tercílio Turini, Ricardo Arruda, Élio Rush, Cristina Silvestri, Do Carmo, Plauto Miró, Homero Marchese and Nelson Luersen and mayors of several municipalities of Paraná.


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