State wants to launch RSC-287 concession announcement in August

Audience held this Monday in Santa Maria, closed the public consultation phase of the process that precedes the concession of the highway to the private initiative.

Concluded on Monday afternoon in Santa Maria, the public consultation phase of the 204.5-kilometer RSC-287 concession plan between Tabaí and Santa Maria, the state government is now focusing on the finalization of the bidding, scheduled for be released in August. If this is confirmed, about 60 days later the competition should be finalized, probably on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa). Then the highway management goes from EGR and Daer to the new concessionaire, which will have the task of doubling the entire route in 11 years. In three decades of concession will be invested at least R $ 2 billion in the 287, which goes from the current two to five tolls.
“In January of next year we want rocks moving in the 287,” the state secretary for Logistics and Transportation, Juvir Costella, told the audience on Monday. He and the Secretary of Governance and Strategic Management, Claudio Gastal, have assured that the schedule is feasible. In order for the edict to be ready and published in August, technical teams must run. In the coming days, all the public demonstrations received by e-mail and gathered at the hearing, in the Parque Hotel Morotin, will be evaluated and answered.

The deadline of a few weeks is enough, according to the secretaries, to even include in the project some specific demand raised by the community in the period of public consultation. To avoid a delay of months or even years with the elaboration of new studies required by adjustments in the project, the movement Duplica 287 defended with bands and speeches in the hearing of the second one that the licitation is abierto based on the present study, without significant changes and inclusion of new works, for example.

Among the demands is the inclusion, in the concession, of the duplication of nine kilometers of the New Range of Camobi, in Santa Maria. This is an urban stretch of 287 that was out of the study. The secretary Claudio Gastal says that it is possible to technically evaluate the requests without any delay in the process. “The studies were done so that there are parameters to measure and calculate changes of works in a short time. Making additions or changes is possible, “he admitted.

However, he left an alert: each change of the original project represents cost and change in the calculation of the financial impact of the bid, directly reflecting the price of the toll. The dispute will be awarded to the company that offers the lowest rate. The ceiling provided by the State is R $ 5.93 for touring vehicles. “No great work can be included now, otherwise we will unbalance the project,” he says.

DAER will be able to assume works that remain outside the edict

The entire state government received 40 suggestions on the granting of RSC-287 at the public hearing on Monday. Some of the heavy adjustments in the concession project, such as the duplication of the nine kilometers of the Camobi New Track in Santa Maria, or the construction of third runways on the ERS-400 (Candelária-Sobradinho) at the expense of the 287 concessionaire. of the Fourth Colony also brought claims to the audience.

The State Secretary for Logistics and Transport, Juvir Costella, said that the RSC-287 and ERS-324 concessions (in the Passo Fundo region) will give the State’s cash flow a boost, including new roads granted. In other words, he said Daer’s resources for the maintenance of the highways granted – the 287 Paraíso do Sul-Santa Maria stretch is maintained by Daer and not by the EGR – could be allocated to the works pleaded by the communities.

“We seek the qualification of highways. In addition to the concession and duplication of the RSC-287, we want to improve the connections to it. These highways that will be close to each other should be a priority for Daer so that they can be expanded and improved with state resources, “said Costella, noting that the government will have to prioritize accesses and roads not covered by the concessions.

In the specific case of the nine kilometers of the urban stretch of RSC-287 (known as the Camobi New Range in Santa Maria), one of the alternatives proposed would be the financing of the work by the government. “If you can not include it in the concession project, and we will verify this possibility, we can allocate resources for this duplication. This inclusion has an estimated cost of R $ 30 million and will be analyzed by the secretary. We will find an alternative that is feasible and do not leave out this stretch, “adds Costella.


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