17 de janeiro de 2019

Governo estuda fusão de agências de transportes

A proposta, que está em estudo pelo ministro da Infraestrutura, Tarcísio de Freitas, prevê a extinção das atuais Agência Nacional dos Transportes Terrestres (ANTT) e Agência […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Brazilian Offsets: embark on a trip on the country’s worst highways

Roads are so bad that the path becomes a resistance test. Works that begin, consume millions of dollars and never end. Roads so bad that the […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Without investment, 50% of the country’s roads will be in poor condition until 2025

Half of Brazilian roads will be in poor condition by 2025 if adequate investments are not made, which would represent a R $ 208.9 billion increase […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Dywidag and AXXON already confirmed for 2019

In more than 90 countries and 28 regional production facilities, DSI – DYWIDAG-Systems International develops, manufactures, supplies and implements high quality systems for the Construction industry. […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

57% of roads have problems, says CNT Research

More than half of the country’s roads are in a condition considered regular, bad or bad. This is what the data of the 22nd edition of […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Presentation ABIMAQ – Sectorial Chamber of Road Machines

The ABIMAQ Road Machinery Chamber brings together the industries dedicated to the manufacture of self-propelled machinery designed to carry out construction and ground handling tasks involving […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Presentation ABSeV – Brazilian Road Safety Association

Paving Expo & Conference also aims to promote the road safety segment through business programs, technical content and new opportunities. We thank ABSeV for their support. […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

New partners

Two other important entities in the sector support the initiative for the Paving Expo & Conference. “We seek to represent the infrastructure sector, always guaranteeing the […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Paving Expo present at the R2T Conference and the Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas

More successful partnerships help the Paving Expo & Conference build collaborative networks that will impact the performance of their role in 2019. At each visit and […]
16 de janeiro de 2019

Support for the Pavitech event at the UFBA Polytechnic School

Pavitech held on October 31 at the Federal University of Bahia, gathered about 250 professionals, teachers and entities to discuss the situation of highways and new […]